COVID-19 Update

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Coronavirus updates and associated delays

Hope you’re keeping safe and well.

Firstly, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that is continuing to support our small family-run business through this period. While we keep things ticking along, it’s important to us to remain transparent and to keep you updated with things as best we can.

It has been an extremely busy time for us, which we’re so incredibly thankful for when so many are doing it tough. Due to the success of our TAKE15 sale and then a myriad of supplier issues outside of our control as a result of COVID-19 shutdowns and limited hands on deck, we are understandably running behind with our production schedule.

If you currently have an order in production with us

Jackie will have been in touch with an update (or if not, you’ll be hearing from her shortly). To ensure everything continues to move as smoothly as possible and both Ryder and Jackie are working around the clock so that further delays are kept to a minimum. Please know that we are doing the best we can and we thank you for bearing with us. As previously communicated, all orders will be shipped Express Post via Australia Post to ensure that orders arrive as quickly as possible.

Album turnaround for new orders

Please be aware that our current turnaround is around 8 weeks while we work our way through our current backlog. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

We will keep you updated as best and as frequently as possible and sending all you all the health and good vibes.

Ryder + Jackie

An Important Message From Ryder + Jackie

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Turns out none of us were ready for 2020.
How can we support you?

Well 2020, you surely are a doozy! To be honest with you, it’s difficult to know quite where to begin. We’ll start by saying, to those who have lost someone close to them, those that are at high risk of exposure, those who have lost and continue to lose income and those that are experiencing anxiety or depression as a result of this global crisis, our thoughts are with you.

While it’s “business as usual” here (well, as *usual* as you can be at a time like this), we wanted to check in with you all. Our photography community is at the very core of why we started LONE PINE. As a small family-run business, your support means more than you know. We are thinking of you all in what is an extremely stressful, overwhelming and uncertain time… we’re absolutely feeling it too. But please know that through all of this, we are here for you. We exist for you. And we will continue to push through, because of you.

We are trying to come up with ways on how can we give you the support that you need, to ensure we all have a viable business at the end of this craziness… we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve, but the best way to do this, is to just ask…

So, what can we do for you? What would you like to see from us? We truly believe that innovation and creativity is what will see us through these unchartered waters, so let's start a conversation.

Production Updates
From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank each and every one of you who embraced and ordered during our album sale last week.

If you currently have an album / print order in production with us, please know that we are working our tails off to get it out to you and your clients in a timely manner. We are working closely with our suppliers to stay updated, so we can keep you informed of any potential delays and we will be in contact with you directly should this impact your order/s. Additionally, we will continue to send all orders Express Post to minimise delays where shipping is concerned.

We’re all in this together and we’ve got you.

Ryder + Jackie

5 mins with… Renee Blake

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If you’ve been in the wedding game for a while, this lovely lady needs little introduction. 

We believe that successful album design is achieved through careful selection of imagery and the use of white space. Designing albums for some of the world’s most admired photographers, Renee applies this method to each and every album that she is a part of producing, and we just adore her clean and polished style.

So without further ado, we’re thrilled to chat with design maven, Renee Blake, of Renee Blake Design.
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Album Cover Inspiration

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We love seeing what album cover combinations you + your clients are choosing, so we thought we’d round up a few of our favourites to share with you…

red leather + black foil

We couldn’t think of a more perfect cover choice for this wedding *so rock n’ roll!*, from Susie Yang Photography.

Red leather black foil album Lone Pine Albums Lara & Susie

chestnut leather + deboss

Olguin Photography #nailedit with this bold custom type, debossed on our ‘chestnut’ leather.

Olguin Photography Lone Pine Albums Chestnut Leather deboss

azure fabric + gold foil

Sweet lord, Julia Rau Photography, we’re obsessed with this cover choice… the perfect contrast to those burnt orange and red tones in your images.

Blue and gold foil album by Lone Pine Albums Julia Rau Photography

cream leather + copper foil

Our classic serif font, copper foiled on cream is a sophisticated combination – so well suited for this beauty by our friends over at Figtree Pictures.

Cream leather copper foil album Lone Pine Albums Figtree Pictures

So there you have it folks! We hope this has given you a little inspiration, but remember, we’re always on hand to help, so get in touch if you need a little guidance.

We’d love to know, which one is your fave? Let us know in the comment area above!

5 mins with… Leo Farrell

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Here at LONEPINE, we’re lucky enough to produce albums for some of the best photographers in the industry. Over the coming months, we’ll be checking in with some of our faves, to showcase their beautiful work.

Meet Melbourne-based photographer Leo Farrell, whose candid, documentary style photography continually captivates us…

Leo Farrell Photography

1. How did you get into photography?

Inspired by my younger sister as a teen who was bringing home darkroom prints from her school photography class. I was instantly curious, and went on to shoot and work in my own makeshift darkrooms, as a passionate hobby for years. Finally, at the age of 30 I enrolled in a part-time night course while working a full-time day job, and transitioned into a photographic career.

2. What do you love about shooting weddings?

Having the privilege to document two people’s celebration of their relationship and commitment to it in front of their closest family and friends. Photographically, I love the creative freedom my clients give me to capture their day. I love using light to create drama and mood in the images, and to tell a story with the photos that will become tactile reminders of their day for them and future generations of their families.

Leo Farrell Photography
Lone Pine Album by Leo Farrell Photography

Mel + Ben’s 10″x10″ wedding album with ‘Bluemoon’ leather cover and deboss
Photography by Leo Farrell | Album design by Renee Blake

3. What is your favourite part of a wedding day?

Straight after the ceremony when the couple are being congratulated by close family with full hearts and emotions.
Seeing a bride and groom cut loose on the dance floor with friends and family towards the end of the evening always brings a smile to my face too.

4. What keeps you inspired?

Always looking for light and chasing the next great moment to capture.

5. What do you love about designing wedding albums?

Designing albums is not my strength, so I use the amazing Renee Blake to design them for me.

Leo Farrell Photography
Leo Farrell Photography Lone Pine Album

Angela + Matt’s 10″x10″ wedding album with ‘Bluemoon’ leather cover and deboss
Photography by Leo Farrell | Album design by Renee Blake

6. What do you love about LONEPINE albums?

Knowing my work is being printed and presented in the best possible way for my clients.

7. Any advice you would give to a photographer starting out?

Take lots of photos. Learn to understand light and how to recognise it and use it creatively in your photography.

Leo Farrell Photography Lone Pine Album
Leo Farrell Photography Lone Pine Album

Tina + Al’s 10″x10″ wedding album with ‘Bluemoon’ leather cover and custom deboss designed by the couple
Photography by Leo Farrell | Album design by Renee Blake

8. Where can we find you?